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The Huffington Post

Elements that’ll ensure Your Site Becomes Bookmark-Worthy

Most importantly, advertise and promote like you’re the only site that offers those products and services. If you don’t believe in your own products, who else will?

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The Huffington Post

9 Types of Ride-Sharing Drivers You’ll Meet

As the generation who apparently spends the most on travel, entertainment and self-fulfillment, permanent home and car ownership are at the bottom of our priority list.

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The Huffington Post

Burning Calories the Fun Way

Incorporating fun with fitness has never been easier. As long as you have the right equipment and company, you’re good to go. A majority of the outdoor and recreational activities we used to think of as exclusive are now accessible to all .

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The Huffington Post

5 Underrated Romantic Tourist Spots to Visit this February

There are more destinations in the world that doesn’t include squeezing your way through throngs of people, overcrowded or overpriced beaches, and overused tourist photo backdrops.

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The Huffington Post

Animal Friendly Cafes That’ll Bring Out Your Inner Pet Lover

These pet cafes don’t only exist for entertainment purposes; some also serve a higher purpose, like housing abandoned and stray animals and raising animal welfare awareness. Some even leave room for adoption as they partner up with animal shelters and societies.

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The Huffington Post

Eco-Friendly Ways to Reduce Sick Building Syndrome

A comfy place to sit, ample desk space, and bearable temperatures, yet despite all this, your work space still makes you feel uneasy. Your relationship with food and exercise isn’t completely healthy, nor is it unwholesome either, so what’s the reason behind the way you’re feeling?

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The Huffington Post

Worry-free Wandering Tips

We are much more likely to die in an accident abroad than during a virus outbreak. Basically, the Ebola virus is much more forgiving compared to unethical road manners.

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The Huffington Post

Polychrome Homes: The Science Behind the Shade

So maybe your room has been feeling chillier than ever this winter season because of its blue walls. Or you’ve been getting hungry more often because of your yellow ceiling (think McDonald’s). It’s a sign that some interior renovating is a must on your to-do list one of these days.

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The Huffington Post

Remembering Emblems: The Importance of Logos

Logos and logotypes (text-based logos) are more than just a fancy mix of fonts and colors though. It isn’t something you can create overnight and immediately expect long-term success from.

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The Huffington Post

4 Occupations That Deserve More Appreciation

Whether their professions chose them, or vice versa, here are some workforce personalities that deserve more credit than they get

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The Huffington Post

Celebrities Who Slightly Went Overboard with Gifts and Grand Gestures

Meanwhile, a famous teen five years younger than me just bought her family a second home. Aside from their bank accounts, their money has to go somewhere, right?

Open uri20170827 20171 1vminld?1503852134
The Huffington Post

Ways to Maintain Spookiness All Year Long

Just because all the Halloween candy has been consumed and decorations gradually taken down in exchange for blinking Christmas lights and wreaths, it doesn’t mean the Halloween spirit has to end.

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The Huffington Post

Kiss These Unhealthy Millennial Habits Goodbye

Lazy and entitled are just labels. No one’s making us claim it. These habits are not necessarily awful, but they aren’t advisable to keep up either.

That’s the beautiful thing about being a millennial that hasn’t quite got it all figured out yet: there is still so much waiting to be discovered.

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The Huffington Post

Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween Besides Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is the only other holiday, aside from Christmas, that both kids and adults have a mutual love for. Unless you’re the Ebenezer Scrooge of Halloween.

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The Huffington Post

Traveling With Budget-Conscious Millennials

Erase the idea that a thrifty Generation Y kid with an immense yearning for wanderlust is hopeless and depressing. As a matter of fact, being a freewheeling twenty-something has its perks.