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5 simple but important ways you can defeat perfectionism article
Addicted 2 Success

5 Simple but Important Ways You Can Defeat Perfectionism

Setting high standards is not completely a bad thing; in fact, it is actually a good motivation technique. Refrain from taking on more tasks than you think you can handle though. Before you know it, you’re drowning in work that could’ve been finished long ago just because you don’t feel like it’s commendable enough. You constantly find yourself taking a step forward only to take two steps back.


How to Get Over Jet Lag: 12 Must-Try Feasible Ways

How many times have you planned an itinerary only to fall behind schedule by a few hours – or even a whole day?

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Keeping Feet in Heels Happy

Even China is done with their foot binding days, so why should I bear the consequences of squeezing my feet in heels?

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Athleisure: the good and the bad and the comfy

Is it possible for velour tracksuits to make a return as well? Only time and trends will tell. At least we know it’s a trend that’s here to stay if couture brands like Gucci are starting to sell sneakers.

Vomiting.001 article

Sickness Relief: Top 10 Foods To Eat When You Feel Nauseous

The feeling of being rocked in a boat sounds better than it feels. When hit with nausea, the last thing on our minds is food or eating. We’re afraid that it can make our stomachs feel even worse. Oftentimes though, its food that helps us recover.

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Shopping and Shipping Services to look forward to trying (if you haven’t already)

It’s a big world and there is so much we have yet to see and experience. You think you’ve seen everything, and then there comes another trending topic, item or idea. Suddenly you feel like you’ve been living under a rock all this time.
The world of e-commerce is no exception.

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Plans To Make With Friends This Summer That Include Workouts

Rather than staying home and having marathons, why not take part in outdoor activities you can all benefit from physically? Here are some summer activities that prove playgrounds aren’t just for kids anymore.

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Going Hysteric over Generics

Often associated with medicine and drugs, the word “generic” also applies to food/grocery items, articles of clothing, sanitary accessories and many more. Although there is no harm in buying the cheaper version of these necessities, there are still some items that are worth spending the extra $2 on, no matter what.

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Hearty and Healthy Comfort Food Substitutes

Rather than completely banning all sorts of comfort food in your home, switch over to healthier versions of your favorite chips, cookies, and fries. Comfort food allows us to have the best of both worlds by nourishing our emotions and body.

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“Braking” Biking Barriers

Everything has risks, including cycling – even if you have all the correct safety equipment. Car drivers and bike riders have to respect each others’ space and follow the same traffic signals, too. Just because bikers occupy a smaller slice of the road, it doesn’t mean they get lesser street privileges.

Medications cure tablets pharmacy 51004 article

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Brands on Targeting Millennials

As healthcare providers, your services should also be extending your services beyond the walls of the hospital. Technology and media will always provide a way out when it comes to closing the gap between generations.

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7 things best friends only do for each other

Why settle for ordinary friendships when you have a best friend for all seasons and situations?

When you have a best friend, you've got someone to experience life's best moments or disasters with, both literally and figuratively.

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Small Business Startups, Simplified

Managing a business on your own is possible, but it’s not recommended. It’s a lot of pressure and stress being your own boss and employee at the same time.

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Winning Product Packages to Get Inspiration From

Whether you bought something on impulse or because it was something you really needed, packaging style will always do its part in drawing you in and making you feel some type of way.

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Homemade Stress Alleviators

One method of relieving stress is through arts and crafts, or DIY activities, where the process themselves may be therapeutic enough to ease your woes and tension.