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Keeping Feet in Heels Happy

Even China is done with their foot binding days, so why should I bear the consequences of squeezing my feet in heels?

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“Braking” Biking Barriers

Everything has risks, including cycling – even if you have all the correct safety equipment. Car drivers and bike riders have to respect each others’ space and follow the same traffic signals, too. Just because bikers occupy a smaller slice of the road, it doesn’t mean they get lesser street privileges.

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

If you think driving a regular vehicle thru traffic, to and from work, is a struggle, imagine how much worse eight to 12 wheeler truck drivers have it.

Hostel article

Budget Travel in Asia Made Easy with These Affordable Hostels

If you’re not very particular about privacy and the commotion brought about by possible future friends (or foes – what does it matter, you probably won’t see each other ever again), you’ll have no problem lodging in these communal rest houses.

Here are the top affordable hostels around Asia to make budget travel easy.

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Here’s How You Know Your Family is Ready for a Pet

You can be sixty or in your not so terrible threes, or a teen – there is no age limit to suddenly wanting a pet.

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7 Holiday Garage Sale Strategies to Try

The last quarter of the year is the perfect opportunity to organize a garage sale, as it’s not too warm or freezing outdoors. It’s also one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash this holiday season.


Turn Your Space Into a Smart Home With These Thanksgiving Black Friday Items

It’s the time of the year when prices are slashed by almost half the original price, yet aren’t limited to just electronic gadgets and clothes. Your home deserves a makeover with the latest appliances and gizmos, too.

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Inexpensive Outdoor Family Thanksgiving Activities To Enjoy Thi0s Year

Any of these Thanksgiving activities should help you work off what you stuffed in your tummies.

Inside apartment design home large article

9 Apps That will Save You from Home Improvement Stress

In today’s digital age, there are apps for almost any purpose or event. Aside from the world’s “catalog of ideas” (a.k.a. Pinterest), these easy-to-navigate apps can help you become your own interior designer, architect, or engineer.

Sleeping 1159279 1920 article

The Way We Weigh: Pounds and Foot Problems

..on an average day of walking, our feet absorb hundreds of tons, comparable to a fully-loaded cement truck.

If that’s the case, do our feet suffer more if we gain weight?

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How To Have Good, Safe, Clean Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

There’s nothing more horrifying on Halloween night than having your child come home dirtier, colder, and bloodier than when he left.

It’s not the spooky stories from the Boogeyman, Freddy Krueger, goblins, ghosts, or wicked witches that should scare you. The REAL dangers during this time of year are injuries such as burns, falls, and poisoning. Most of these are highly preventable – if you prepare in advance.

Online shopping article

6 Online Shoe-Shopping Basics to Remember

Walk around the mall aimlessly on the lookout for the perfect pair, or stay in bed, scroll through Zappos, DSW, or Bloomingdales and conveniently stumble upon my one true pair?

You mean I can “visit” as many as ten stores in an hour just by using my phone? Sign me up!

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14 Top Trending Athletes During the 2016 Olympics

It’s been more than a week since the closing ceremony at Rio, but some of us are still suffering from an Olympic hangover. Who isn’t going to miss the friendly rivalries, making bets or virtually rejoicing alongside the winners?

Creativiteeth article

CreativiTEETH: Innovative Ways of Teaching Kids about Dental Health

Remember that viral post of celebrities that were manipulated to appear like they had no teeth?

The best way to save on orthodontic expenses and avoid frequent visits to the dentist is to practice good dental hygiene habits ourselves. Kids, on the other hand, need a whole ‘nother language or method to understand the simplest concepts.

Home article

Small is the New Big: Living in a Garage is In

Believe it or not, some invest in JUST a garage and transform them into an apartment, studio or loft.

Here are a few garage alterations that are sure to convert you into a minimalist homeowner