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Pexels photo article

Shopping and Shipping Services to look forward to trying (if you haven’t already)

It’s a big world and there is so much we have yet to see and experience. You think you’ve seen everything, and then there comes another trending topic, item or idea. Suddenly you feel like you’ve been living under a rock all this time.
The world of e-commerce is no exception.

Car interior steering wheel 1710824 article

A Ranking of my Favorite Cars from TV and Movies

I have to admit that some of these cars only grew on me because of their drivers or riders. Paul Walker, Sam and Dean Winchester, Bruce Wayne, Shia LaBeaouf, Simon Baker and Tony Stark — what’s not to like?

Pexels photo 66134 article

Underrated Blockbuster Filming Locations

If you’re a film junkie and a hardcore traveler, you can pursue your love for both by visiting some of the most iconic film sets and locations.
Not all movies are filmed exactly where they are set though. A scene could’ve been made to look like it was filmed in the actual North Pole, when in reality it was just nearby. In Alaska.

Family car article

Making Road Trips Kid and Family Friendly

A few years later, one more passenger was added to our road trips: my little sister. This meant more bags in the trunk, an “entertainment” corner that consisted of stuffed toys.

What to do with leftover halloween stuff article

Repurposing Leftover Halloween Stuff

October has come and gone, but half of your Halloween ghosts remain afloat on your front porch. After three days, you’ve reached your candy-eating and blood sugar limit. Seeing your trick-or-treat bucket still half-filled makes you cringe. Ain’t nobody got time for cavities and diabetes.

Sibling bedrooms shared vs individual quarters article

Sibling Bedrooms: Shared VS Individual Quarters

Before this, my little sister was too little to enjoy the pleasures of having her own room. Now, her hideaway is pulsing pink, with a “restricted area” sign hanging on her door.

Holidays with sibling article

Me Before Iyah: Holidays With a Sibling

Holidays change when you have a sibling. From the number of presents or treats you receive, the way it is celebrated to the effort put in behind costumes, local holidays get a whole new meaning once shared with a younger family member. You just can’t NOT celebrate.

Millenial macho pexels photo 176782 large article

Millennial Macho Mentality

Although given less attention, boys are self-conscious about their physiques and face pressures to fit society’s ideal body type, too.
Abs and muscles are to guys what thigh gaps are to girls.

Airport article

Deliberations of a Diplomat’s Daughter — Medium

21 years, six schools, four languages, three countries, and a diplomatic passport.

Sisters 2 article

My Decade Late Lifelong (Play)mate: Of Age Gaps and Sibling Traps

...a wish granted for my parents and me — 13 years overdue, but never too late. Our parents literally made us for each other...being sisters is assurance enough that we will both remain half child and half woman as long as we have each other.

Productivity work article

Being Productive: The Old School Way

In our digital world today, it is easy to get caught up in technology and all the “cool” things it has to offer. Sure, there is nothing wrong with being all caught up with the latest biz or up-to-date with the latest apps, but was all that information really worth exchanging our time with? Before we know it, we’ve lost an hour or two of our day already.