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Content writer & editor for Scoopfed. Formerly a student journalist. Full time writer, part time bibliophile and TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast.

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How to Get Over Jet Lag: 12 Must-Try Feasible Ways

How many times have you planned an itinerary only to fall behind schedule by a few hours – or even a whole day?

Vomiting.001 article

Sickness Relief: Top 10 Foods To Eat When You Feel Nauseous

The feeling of being rocked in a boat sounds better than it feels. When hit with nausea, the last thing on our minds is food or eating. We’re afraid that it can make our stomachs feel even worse. Oftentimes though, its food that helps us recover.

Pexels photo 117486 article

7 Accessories Our Pets Probably Secretly Want

There’s no harm in treating them with material things as long as they’re practical. Modern pets want to step up their game too.

Kids x travel article

5 Reasons Kids Make Better Travel Companions

Compared to taking a solo trip, traveling with children as a guardian or a parent means worrying about another set of feet getting tired or about when you’ll hear the grumbling of a little stomach. Through kids’ eyes, however, you will see a whole new side of the world.

Travel pexels photo 121500 article

Travel-Related Resolutions to Achieve Before Planning Your Next Trip

All resolutions are correlated to each other, and ever so rarely can we pursue to complete one without the other. “Exercising” for example, has to go hand in hand with “eating right.”

Winter lifehack article

Winter Destinations to Include in Your Travels This 2017

Whether you’re looking to avoid summer or just want to experience Christmas in June, here are some places to enjoy winter activities all year long

Red hands woman creative %281%29 article

Personalization: The Process and its Perks

Now we can positively set ourselves apart from everyone else without feeling the need to scream “That’s mine!”

Black and white car vehicle vintage article

Automobile Accents and Bumper Beautification

Road trips are already fun on their own. Make your car a more relaxed space for your family and passengers with these tweaks, decorations and updates.

Car accessories that%e2%80%99ll make traffic more bearable article

4 Car Accessories That’ll Make Your Car Safer And More Comfortable To Drive

We spend a good chunk of our days stuck in the car during commutes to and from work or school, that the least we could do is do what we can to make it a comfortable daily task.

Frameless photo display ideas 380x219 article

Think Outside the Frames: Frameless Photo Display Ideas

Photos don’t always have to be constricted to just albums and picture frames or remain as virtual copies or as a memory. With a little creativity, you can give your snapshots the attention they deserve.