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Content writer & editor for Scoopfed. Formerly a student journalist. Full time writer, part time bibliophile and TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast.

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What My Mother's Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me About Life

Suddenly the movies and books about cancer not only intensify your emotions – they tangle them all up. All those stories on Chicken Soup for the Soul start making sense. You can bet I cried my heart out watching My Sister’s Keeper. Augustus Waters and Hazel Lancaster will always have a place in my heart. Of all the Nicholas Sparks movies, The Last Song affected me the most.

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8 Online Goodies You’ll Need to Have an Awesome 2016 Halloween Party

Forget about tacky cardboard cut outs, generic ghosts a.k.a. blanket lumps and cheesy masks hung on walls.

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7 Affordable (And Awesome) Ways To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Furnishings for us Gen Y-ers now revolve around going green, being minimalist, using recyclable materials, and sustainability.

Make your trips to IKEA, the flea market, or any furniture store in general , even more interesting when you go on a hunt for this season’s “it” pieces which are also hopefully easy on the wallets.

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4 Reasons You Should Still Live At Home With Your Parents In Your 20s

In a study by the Pew Research Center, it was revealed that more and more millennials (32%) are choosing to live with their parents rather than immediately move in with romantic partners. The economy is rough for us. We’re all struggling and there’s no shame in that. It’s no longer embarrassing to admit that you still live at home.

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Ten 20-Something Olympians You Need To Know About

Whether you tune in for the sporting events themselves or to ogle the build and talent of your favorite competitors, there is no denying the Games’ appeal. Thus, we present to you ten twentysomething record and barrier breakers to admire, root for and keep an eye on *wink-wink*.

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Everything I Hate About the Beach

It’s the good kind of sore and salty, coming home from the beach. You arrive and settle down on the shore feeling like Ariel, but leave feeling like your inner Ursula has just been unleashed.

No matter how much you enjoyed your escapade, there are just some things that will irk you despite your efforts to try and ignore them.

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6 Things That Would Be Different If 'The Princess Diaries' Happened In 2016

Even though we’re all still secretly hoping our long lost Grandma will swoop down and bring us home to our castle, we love the movie as it is.

The big question is, would we millennials still appreciate it if it was made in 2016?

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19 Songs That Nail What Being 20-Something Is Like

Nothing helps us express our feelings better than music. Being in your 20’s is complicated. As Taylor Swift expresses in her “22” hit “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical.” If our twenties had a playlist, this would probably be it. Here’s a quarter life crisis one-soundtrack-fits-all for all of us twenty somethings.

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7 Types of Dieters You Will Encounter

Everyone you know seems to be on a race to fitness. They all have their own health regime. Nevertheless, whatever you categorize yourself under and whichever works for you, no one’s judging.

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7 Ways To Attain Financial Stability In Your 20s

Being financially dependent isn’t so exciting when you’re in your late 20’s and in debt. Budgeting is more than just paying bills and maintaining a bank account. Deciding how much one should be spending isn’t so simple after all.