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Ayah Danica V Granada

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Content writer & editor for Scoopfed. Formerly a student journalist. Full time writer, part time bibliophile and TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast.

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Commuting to work 768x576 article

Ditch the Car: Health Benefits of Commuting to Work

Commuting to work sets a fine line and separates work from your private life outside of it.

Vacation 1024x684 article

Work-free Weekdays: The Art of Asking for Time Off

Sometimes, as managers and HR personnel, loosening up on your employees, having complete and utter faith that they’ll come back is one way to keep them longer.

Snow thrower 951149 960 720 article

Winter Jobs We Wish We Could Try Atleast Once

Here are some of the coolest (no pun intended) winter jobs you can try.

Careers that involve pet care 768x512 article

Forget Being a Vet: Other Careers that Involve Pet Care

They’re not necessarily at the top of the wage list, but these animal enthusiasts and caretakers are paid pretty generously.